Sunday, 29 December 2013

Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

It seems that nothing causes more stress than money. You have to keep in mind how much people need funding and rely on capital every day. Cold hard cash is what pays the mortgage, keeps you clothed, allows you to have a car and go places, keeps the light and heats on, enables you to bathe daily, and even puts food in your mouth so you don't starve. Naturally the majority of us cannot live without money. The only problem is that we tend to spend more than we actually have. This is the downside of credit cards. Everyone in this day and age wants to spend beyond their means because they can! It's time for some money saving tips.

Knowing a few money saving tips can really put that extra cash in your savings account where it belongs. One of the first things you should do is figure out your bills or monthly expenses. This means things like your mortgage or rent, car payment, food bill, utilities, and cable or Internet. Add all of these up and look at the lump sum you need monthly. Now subtract that amount from the money you make monthly, assuming you make enough to pay the bills, which most people do. Okay, at this point you need to think about all of the extras you spend on each week or day. This can be all sorts of things, but you may not typically consider them.

At this point, let's go over common extras that people spend on all the time. Knowing what these things are will help you start saving money. First of all, there is the caffeine bill. How often do you purchase a coffee outside of your home? These can cost anywhere from two to five bucks a pop. If you're buying one every day, that's a lot of cash each week spent on java fixes. So one money saving tip is to cut this out, or at least limit yourself to one or two lattes each week. Now consider your cable bill. Do you pay for the full movie package? More importantly, do you even watch what you pay for? Most people don't. So this is one of the more obvious money saving tips. Don't throw away your cash on wasted entertainment you won't even miss. What about dining out. This may be the number one issue with people in America today. Everyone spends oodles of money dining in restaurants daily. You would save so much if you ate at home. Now, these are just basic money saving tips that can benefit most people. You have to keep in mind that these mundane expenses add up very quickly.

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